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Monster Tumble

A negligent scientist threw his chemical waste into the toilet causing all the bugs and beings underground to emerge to the surface irascible and transformed by the toxic substances. Help this scientist defeat them!

A careless scientist dropped all his chemical wastes to the toilet causing all the underworld bugs and little animals to invade the surface, furious due to the toxic substances invading their home.

To overcome this ecological disaster, the scientist created Tobu, a small and friendly homunculus, and gave him a hot air balloon and blue spheres that Tobu will use to tumble the invader monsters back to the place they belong.

Help Tobu in defeating them!

Visit every corner of Tobu's fantastic world, expelling the invaders to complete each level. You will indicate Tobu where to drop the spheres that will fall and tumble the monsters down to the depths of the earth.


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This game status is beta. This is a nearly finished version of the game. You may find a bug here and there but you should be able to play it through and enjoy the experience.